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Pacific Computer Services is a midsize IT solutions provider with deep focus on industry and technology expertise. Since 1998, we have been helping businesses to design, install, integrate and commission various hardware & software components thereby providing an end-to-end solution that satisfy our clients' needs.

We focus on the Business IT Solutions requirement of the enterprises and deliver the same. We have an a experienced support team to provide varying aspects of Information Technology services and products to businesses throughout. As a company, it is crucial that your IT components run smoothly. You will have both on-site and off-site support that allows our technical staff to troubleshoot any setbacks that you are undergoing.

" Our aim is to work with you to establish the solutions suitable for your particular needs, to provide value for money and to maximise your business potential to the full. We do not see our relationship with clients as short term. We value every client and guarantee a professional and individual approach."


Pacific Computer Services, software and hardware make it esiar for IT Departments to manage, update and service desktops from a central location.

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Seminar on Thin Client Demonstration in Hotel Holiday Inn.

New Pen drive with password secutity & three times faster than other.

New technology of Switch

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